7 things every girlfriend should avoid in a relationship

5. Loose Threats

How many times have you threatened him? Do you go around saying, ‘If you do this, I’ll do that’? If you counter attack your significant other with threats, you are killing the quality of your relationship. Do you know adversely it can affect you? He will either start isolating himself from you or he will retaliate in anger. You don’t want to face either of that.

4. Suspicion

The most important thing to avoid in a relationship is suspicion. Don’t go sneaking around in his phone to find evidence against him. Don’t follow him home secretly. Do not call his office just to check if he told you the truth. Just don’t. And clearly, why do you even want to be with someone you can’t put your faith in? If you cannot trust him, then don’t be with him. In 80% of the cases, it is only overthinking and needless suspicion that takes the best from a relationship. Be wise.