7 things try not to hold against your boyfriend

5. If He Criticizes You

Learn to take constructive criticism. It is one of those things not to hold against the boyfriend. If he is sincere, he will criticize to make you feel better. Or if he wants to see a better version of you. This is his positive effort towards making you a better person. And if you hold it against him, he will be that his opinion is not valued which can lead to a magnitude of problems in the long run.

4. Something Said In Anger

Anger is one letter short of danger. And if he accidentally said something stupid in anger, don’t hold it against him. He most likely did not mean it. Unless he asked to break up with you. That is serious and should be taken seriously as well. Other than that, if he taunted you, screamed, yelled or any other expression – don’t take it to heart. You should know that you also have a tendency to do the same when anger hits you. So endure and be patient and the reward will be marvelous.