8 Things You MUST Know When You Marry Your Boyfriend

6. No More In the “Single Friends Club.”

When you marry your boyfriend, you are automatically removed from the single friends club. You will naturally observe that you’re starting to hang around your married friends more. You are sharing your life problems with them more carefully. And this change impacts your circle of friends widely.

5. Need Him & Hate Him At The Same Time

Oh, how badly you want him to be there for you yet hate the sight of him 24 hours a day! LOL. The dilemma of wanting yet not wanting at the same is huge. When you are in a relationship, you don’t spend every second of every day with each other. But when you marry your boyfriend, you spend all your lives together. And that can get overbearing sometimes.

4. Change in the Concept of Time

Let’s assume you first loved your Saturday evenings at the salon, getting your hair and nails fixed. And then you marry your boyfriend! Your time changes to his time. You will soon find yourself cuddling in bed with him through Saturdays and Sunday and the rest of the days. Because he will become your leisure; distorting your original sense of time.