8 Types of Couples that are on the edge of destroying their relationship

6. Destroying Relationship By Casual Flirting

Some people have a habit of casual flirting with others, especially in social gatherings. Not that they mean anything but to either kick start a conversation or simply kill time, people tend to flirt around. This is an instant killer in any relationship.

5. Destroying Relationship By Not Financially Helping

When you are with someone, you take care of their every need. Even if that involves taking some bucks out of your pocket. If you act single when it comes to money matters, you are not going to survive for too long.

4. Destroying Relationship By Staying Grumpy

So you’ve got the grumpy cat face all day long? And you think it is cute? Heck no! Please. Being grumpy and mood at times is okay to deal with. But being grumpy all the time and not giving the other person space to breathe is going suffocate your relationship to death.